Fraud traffic warning

To help you understand why publishers may have their accounts disabled, we’ve outlined the most common reasons that accounts are disabled for invalid traffic or policy violations below

Proxy Traffic
This type of traffic represents all the users browsing anonymously – there’s no way of verifying the real IP or their GEO location. The private connections also make it hard to understand if they’re real users or bots. 

And since these users don’t have the needed tracking data, advertisers can’t target them with their products. 

What you should know about Proxy Traffic
When it comes to proxy traffic, having a lot is clearly bad, as it doesn’t pay. In addition, if these users are fake, they won’t convert. Your CR will drop, less advertisers will rush to promote on your website, and all will lead to a lower CPM.  

However, if you don’t want to bury your CPM, chase advertisers away, and get paid for your traffic at the same time, make sure to keep proxy traffic to a minimum.

Fraud traffic – bots
We saw before that Proxy traffic can be hard to sell because you can’t prove they’re real users. However, with bot traffic, we know for sure that this is the case. If you have a lot of them, advertisers will avoid you like the plague. 

What you should know about Fraud Traffic

Nobody wants to pay for fake impressions, and not having accurate campaign data. So clearly all we saw above will happen when you have bot traffic as well: low CR and CPM, no advertisers, and no payment. Just a major waste of time and money.

The most important thing is to test properly and diversify as much as you can.

                                                             MONETIZE YOUR TRAFFIC